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Margie & Co.

On June, 20. 2000 we got a phone call: Is there Liza and Ren's house? Yes. Here is Andy's Sister Margie on a trip trough Europe. We would like to visit you tomorrow. Oh great, of course, you're welcome... How many persons are you? Eight? Aehmm... OK, Fine!

Family-Info: Margie is the sister of Andy. Andy is the husband of Nelda. Nelda is the sister of Liza. Liza is my wife. I'm..... Everything clear?

After visiting and shopping in  the BALLY-Shoe factory in Schönenwerd, a tour on the Lenzburg was planned. Unfortunate the castle was closed. Below you will find some more information about it:

AndySister2.jpg (38053 Byte)

Margie and Liza...
and the whole group at the castle

AndySister3.jpg (34374 Byte)

SchlossLenzburg1.jpg (25578 Byte)SchlossLenzburg2.jpg (37593 Byte)

fauchi_anim.gif (10778 Byte)Visit the castle online...


Later at Müller-Allanza's home: Wine...

AndySister4.jpg (30440 Byte)

and of course, the kitchen is always a good place to be...

AndySister1.jpg (32424 Byte)

AndySister5.jpg (26721 Byte)

Or better: The bar in the kitchen...

AndySister6.jpg (33000 Byte)

It was a great pleasure for us, to have such a happy,
good and open-minded group of people in our house!

The next day (after a short night), the group continued there trip to Luzern/Switzerland and later on to Milano/Italy...

Luzern_anim.gif (16948 Byte)Have a look at Luzern online!

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