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One of the Top-100 private Homepages

On 20th of September 2001 we got a surprising E-Mail. The FamilyMueller Homepage was chosen as one of the Top-100 private Homepages in the world...

More Information's:      Top-100 Family Homepages...

(Looks like this company does not exist anymore - 14.11.2004)


Congratulations - Your hard work has been recognized!

Your family website has been ranked as one of the best 100 family websites in the world!

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From here

The reviewers will re-review your site from time to time. Therefore, your Top 100 ranking may very well improve, fall or could even disappear off the list! If your site is of particular note it may have the potential to feature on our monthly Top Ten!

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Keep up the good work.


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